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Do you need urgent help, specialized knowledge or unique competences for your company? You do not want or you cannot afford to hire a qualified full-time manager. Are you not sure if you are able to choose the right person? If so, then Interim Manager is just for you.

During over 20 years of professional practice in various companies and industries, we faced countless challenges and we were personally responsible for solving hundreds of business problems. Thanks to the the acquired skillsets we know how to assist any company with a turnaround, take decisive actions, introduce comprehensive changes  and adapt them to the changing market environment. While taking responsibility for the effect of our work and Interim Managers cooperating with us, we draw from our own practice supported by broad substantive knowledge in virtually all areas of the company’s operations.

When determining the profile and selecting Interim Manager, we use not only well known standard HR tools, but we rely on our own experience in defining the profile, choosing and working together with managers. The key to success is not necessarily a candidate with an impressing CV, who presented himself the best during the interview, but mainly the expected effect of his work. The ability to assess these effects is the source of our  effectiveness.

So, if you are looking for professional support in a particular area, you want to solve a specific problem in your company, you want to increase the efficiency of your business or to optimize costs, please contact us.

  • Registration will help us to get to know your needs and experience in the field of employment and cooperation with Interim Managers.
  • After registration you will be able to report your business problem in a short and confidential manner and receive a free solution. We guarantee that your company’s data will not be available to third parties.
  • On the basis of the information obtained, we will propose an Interim Manager with the requisite skillsets or we will take care of your problem ourselves.
  • You will receive “use case” descriptions as example of our successful projects – something that can inspire you to gain further competitive advantage.
  • As the functionality of the platform develops, you will be able to use new and unique features on the market, such as the Interim Manager search engine free of charge.

The possibility of free consultations and obtaining preliminary proposals addressing business problem that you report to us, is a unique form of helping entrepreneurs who have encountered difficulties and need support from experienced managers on the road to success.


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