For Interim Managers

The effective Interim Manager is proactive, fully focused on achieving the intended results, has extensive experience in key areas of the company’s operations, including in the aspect of introducing changes, transforming business, improving efficiency, cost optimization and crisis management.

If you want to develop yourself in the area of ​​Interim Management and have a real impact on the business success of the organization for which you work, welcome to cooperate.

Before you submit your application, check how close you are to the idea of ​​Interim Management by answering the following questions:

  • Can you be a valuable element that complements the competency area of ​​the management team thanks to your experience?
  • Can you share your knowledge and skills by providing positive change and operational excellence?
  • Are you communicative and feel comfortable in a situation of change?
  • Are you ready to frequently change colleagues, supervisors and your working environment?
  • Can you be a source of new thinking, fresh ideas and best practices?
  • Are you passionate about helping others achieve the desired results?
  • Are you not afraid of being evaluated according to the effects of your work?

If your answers are positive, please fill in the form below.

Thanks to registration, you will gain access to current cooperation offers and the opportunity to support organizations in solving business problems reported by our clients.


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