Interim Management

The idea of Interim Management is gaining more and more popularity not only among corporations, but also in small and medium-sized enterprises, and even in family businesses. It is an ideal solution for companies seeking support, especially in the area of ​​restructuring, cash flow management, optimizing costs, increasing operational and financial efficiency, developing sales channels or managing change. The purpose and scope of services provided by Interim Managers may vary depending on the situation and problems that the given company is facing and the competencies it needs at this moment.

If you are also looking for a manager for special tasks, such as:

  • business transformation (turnaround)
  • optimization of operational processes,
  • improvement of profitability
  • development of a new business strategy,
  • analysis and management of financial risk,
  • improvement of liquidity
  • reducing costs and managing services
  • crisis management,
  • restructuring or other deep organizational changes
  • strengthening or supplementing competences currently missing in the team or due to the temporary absence of a key employee
  • implementation of a large project

Please contact us.

We will be happy to meet to discuss current problems, challenges and the needs of your organization. Based on the conversation, we will analyse carefully the situation and suggest optimal solutions for your business. Knowing your expectations, we will choose Interim Manager with the appropriate qualifications and know-how necessary to perform a specific task and achieve the agreed business effects.

We engage in each project in person, guaranteeing supervision of the performance of the selected temporary manager and taking the responsibility for the effects of his work. We analyze the progress of the project on an ongoing basis, modify the activities and adapt the tools and work methodology to the changing market conditions and within the organization. Our clients pay only for the actual time devoted to the task and / or a bonus for success (success fee) The final model of cooperation is decided individually based on the diagnosis of the problem and the expected result.


Interim Manager is not a consultant, employee or project manager. The project manager is responsible and remunerated for the implementation of a specific product, the employee for the time devoted to the employer, and the consultant for providing mainly theoretical solutions. Interim Manager is responsible for the effect!

The distinguishing feature of the services we provide is a unique approach to every reported business problem and well-established experience in strategic management, business consulting, designing operational processes and implementing system changes that increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of the organization.

If you are a client, report your problem.
If you are an Interim Manager, submit your application.

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