Mergers and acquisitions

M&A transactions due to their specifics as well as complexity and multidimensionality require appropriate support and service provided by specialized experts in this field. With extensive experience in the implementation of this type of projects on  national and international scale, we offer our clients comprehensive services related to M&A transactions, both at the initial stage, during the process, as well as after the closure of  transaction. We guarantee a high standard of service and extensive support at every stage of the project. We adjust the type of solutions applied to the individual needs of the organization, we care about the clients’ interests and minimize the risk of unexpected difficulties.

How do we differ from others?

We have experience in the M&A transactions not only from the seller or buyer perspective but also as the sold or purchased entity. We not only offer “Value for Money”, but above all, we provide ongoing project support, minimizing the involvement of the company’s internal resources. The M&A process is a very heavy burden for operating activities and can divert the attention of the management from the current needs of customers and changes taking place on the market. Which is why it is so important to use the services of an adviser who will take responsibility for the effective implementation of the entire process. In addition, we always assess the validity of the transaction and it’s price while analyzing other possible solutions to achieve the same goal.

As part of transactional and financial advisory in the Mergers & Acquisitions area, our services include:

  • development of a methodology for conducting M&A transactions
  • preparation of the M&A transaction schedule
  • identification of potential acquisition targets or investors
  • contact with potential investors / owners to verify initial interest in the transaction
  • gathering information significant for transaction
  • preparation of documents describing the acquisition target, such as Teaser and the Information Memorandum
  • cooperation in preparing preliminary terms & conditions and / or conducting preliminary negotiations with selected investors and owners of acquired companies
  • support or conducting due diligence process along with a full analysis of the financial situation
  • analysis of non-binding offers submitted by investors
  • support in the preparation of LoI and TS
  • participation in negotiations and permanent cooperation with a legal adviser in order to secure the business purpose and interests of the client.

If you are interested in selling the company or looking for other forms of rapid development of the company or raising its value, let us arrange a non-binding meeting. We will be happy to get to know your expectations and find the optimal solution to support your business.

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